Queer Temple

Welcome to the Queer Temple, a sacred space of exploration and connection, a sanctuary that uplifts, cherishes, and celebrates queerness. The tapestries here are not just art; they are symbols of the journey, resilience, and beauty inherent in the queer experience. This space is a meeting ground where personal stories and community narratives merge, offering a journey that is both personal and collective. We warmly encourage you to dive into this vibrant mosaic of experiences, as varied and unique as the people who join us in The Queer Temple.

The tapestries form the soul of the temple. Originating from Cai’s photographs of people in the queer community, these images have been transformed through intricate photo editing into the stained-glass-like pieces you see before you, printed on fabric. This process not only captures the essence of the people in the images but also reimagines them in a way that transcends traditional artistic boundaries, offering a unique and evocative exploration of queer identity and expression. 

Recognizing the often limiting narratives surrounding queer and transgender individuals in our current society, The Queer Temple offers an alternative narrative — one of complexity, beauty, and resilience. It aims to provide a moment of respite and reflection, acknowledging the depth and sacredness of queer experiences. This sanctuary stands as an open invitation to engage, reflect, and perhaps find new perspectives on identity, community, spirituality, and queerness.

Virtual Exhibition: link here, and photos of in-person installations are at the bottom of this page!

Installations of the work

This project is made possible in part with (1) funds from the New York State Council on the Arts and Tompkins County, administered by the Community Arts Partnership, (2) SOS grant funding from the Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County, and (3) support from the New York State Council on the Arts with support from the Governor’s office and the New York State Legislature.