Transcendence: Queer Restoryation

Transcendence: Queer Restoryation invites people into a world where distinctions of gender, time, and place become fluid and flexible. Binary ways of seeing the world will not simply disappear — we must actively replace them. 38 self-portrait photographs and six mythic tales explore paths beyond supposed binaries, creating new stories that empower, inspire, and heal. A book of the work was published with Skylark Editions in March 2023.

Queer Temple

The Queer Temple is a sacred space that uplifts, cherishes, and celebrates queer folks. Through a combination of stained-glass-like tapestries, draped fabric in a wide variety of colors, altars, and interactive elements, this space reclaims queerness as divine. Especially in the current political climate which often reduces queer and especially trans folks to very limited and often negative storylines, we desperately need nuanced sanctuaries for exploration, growth, renewal, healing, and re-story-ation.

Cai Quirk

Cai Quirk (they or other neutral pronouns) is a genderqueer/fluid multi-disciplinary artist who connects gender, mythology, restoryation, and nature-based spirituality through photos, poems, stories, and installations. Cai’s work transcends societal binaries and barriers to reach the deeply human experience of connection. They have led hundreds of talks and workshops around the country, and their work has been exhibited in fourteen states and four countries. Cai received bachelor’s degrees in photography and music from Indiana University.

Installations and Exhibitions