“Listening to Stories and God”

     Like listening for Divine in Quaker worship, when we listen deeply for meanings and messages beyond the words, we make space for the inner teacher to guide us. By opening up to myth, story, and metaphor, to guidance that isn’t always immediately clear, we practice listening in ways that also open us further to hearing the Divine.

June 19th, 1-4pm EST – more information and registration here with Powell House Quaker Conference/Retreat Center

Queer Restoryation

     Stories, myths, and legends aren’t just tales created long ago, but ones newly created as well. Looking at myths and stories today offers ways to find deeper insight into our own lives and ways of interacting with the world around us. In a world that tries to erase the presences of LGBTQueerIA+ folks, it is even more vital that we continue to tell our stories, whether they are the everyday realities of our lives, or mythic tales of realities deeper than ordinary truths. Binary ways of seeing the world will not simply disappear — they must be replaced by ways of seeing and honoring fluidity and change as natural and necessary. This workshop is an act of restoryation, engaging with new stories, myths, and legends, ones that walk the many paths beyond supposed binaries: male and female, night and day, land and sea, earth and sky, life and death, self and other, self and earth.

Festival June 24-27, this workshop 12:30-2:30pm EST on Saturday, June 26th. Local/in-person in Ithaca NY. More information and registration here.

Restoryation and the Power of Stories

How do stories and myths relate to our lives today? What can we learn from ancient and modern stories and how can these connect us more deeply to each other and Divine? Together we’ll explore meaning, metaphor, and spirituality through the power of stories, including creating some of our own.

June 28-July 2 – more information and registration at this link with Friends General Conference